The Mackintosh Choir was launched in October 2011 with support from the Charles Rennie Mackintosh Society and the Queen’s Cross Housing Association to advance the appreciation and enjoyment of singing in the local area.

The choir’s aims are

  • to promote enjoyment, health and wellbeing and social inclusion through community singing and performance
  • to advance appreciation of singing through the presentation of public concerts

The use of the Mackintosh Church as the venue for concerts, singing workshops and other musical events brings to the area an excellent opportunity to engage with the arts, and to encourage a wide audience to enjoy both the experience and the venue through support of these events.

Christmas Concert Dec 2012 (53)

The choir has enjoyed a most successful start and has already attracted many new singing members as well as enthusiastic audiences.

This success is largely due to the skill and enthusiasm of the choir’s choral director Paul Keohone, and accompanist Geoffrey Tanti. Paul is a highly talented and well known opera singer and vocal coach, and Geoffrey an extremely accomplished pianist, both of whom are in great demand in their professional lives.

The choir has expanded to its current limit of 60 singers, and has a waiting list of eager recruits.