New Season – New Works – New Challenges

Christmas comes early for many choirs and The Mackintosh Choir being no exception has begun the new season of rehearsals with carols which will feature in the Christmas Concert. This will be on Sunday 10th December at 7.00pm in St John’s-Renfield Church. Before then, every Wednesday evening the Choir will be rehearsing the carols for the programme, including a range of new works for the Choir, some old favourites and others from the repertoire now building up as the Choir matures.

The new challenges will be additional Sectional performances with one or two Sections performing on their own and for individual members who are chosen to perform solo at the Concert. The range of music and performance styles should add to the interest and variety of the Concert for the audience. In the meantime, rehearsals continue under the direction of Musical Director, Paul Keohone, ably assisted by Accompanist, Gordon Cree.

If you would like to join the Choir, there are still places for Tenors and Basses and a waiting list for Sopranos and Altos. If interested, please contact the Secretary using the Contact tab.

Information regarding Ticket Sales for the Concert will be published in due course.